Cardrona Medical Facilities

Cardrona offers a range of medical facilities on the mountain. The Medical Room is situated in the main courtyard, to the right of the yellow archway.

It is run in conjunction with Ski Patrol. Direct phone number is +64 3 443 1576.

There is a doctor, nurse, physiotherapist & ski patrollers on duty from 8–16.30 every day.

We provide emergency care & medical treatment for all guests & staff, & can arrange referral to other medical facilities for further treatment if required. Ski Patrol monitor on-slope safety constantly & can be approached for assistance at any time.

There are first aid kits throughout the resort & 2 Automated External Defibrillators. Overnight, there is a manager to assist with emergency health problems for apartments guests. We do not have x-ray facilities on-site.

Anyone receiving treatment will be subject to a surcharge, which is payable on the day.

Other medical facilities


  • Queenstown: Small rural hospital. 1hr by road
  • Clyde: Small rural hospital. 2hrs by road
  • Dunedin: Main referral hospital. 4hrs by road or 1hr by air
  • Invercargill: Main referral hospital, 4hrs by road

GP (family physician) / Physiotherapy

There are well equipped physiotherapy & GP centres in Queenstown & Wanaka, all with x-ray facilities.

There is no CT or MRI facility locally (located in Dunedin or Invercargill).


Located in Wanaka & Queenstown.

Helpful hints

  • Be protected. Helmets, wrist guards, body armour, gloves, goggles, etc. Appropriate & well maintained gear helps to prevent injuries. If you are not sure that your gear fits properly, pop into Rentals for a check-up
  • Be prepared for cold conditions. Even on a sunny day the wind can turn the air freezing. Always bring warm clothing & a pair of spare gloves
  • Bring sunscreen & spare medications. Remember to apply a new layer of sunscreen every 2-4hrs
  • Parents, put your contact details in your child’s pocket

Many injuries on the slopes are avoidable. Being physically prepared & obeying the Snow Responsibility Code allows you to get the most out of your day on the snow. Making sure your levels of fitness, strength & flexibility are appropriate for the terrain is crucial, whatever your ability. Remember to ease into it & take some lessons to get you going!

Please read more about preventing snow sports injuries here

In case of an injury

If you, or anybody else gets injured on the slopes, take it seriously & come to see Patrol. If the patient can’t walk to the Medical Centre, please call +64 3 443 1576.

Head injuries are a relatively common injury on the slopes. There might not be any immediate signs or symptoms after a concussion, but it should always be taken seriously. If you or anybody else has had a head injury or think they might have one, always see Patrol. Read about some immediate signs that a person has sustained a concussion here.

For any enquiries regarding employment in the Medical Centre please email

Wanaka Physio

wanaka physiotherapy

Wanaka Physiotherapy is proud to be associated with Cardrona to provide highly qualified Sports Medicine &Musculo-Skeletal physiotherapists. We can be found in Cardrona’s Medical Centre.

The team at Wanaka Physiotherapy are the lead providers for the NZ Olympic Winter Performance Programme, freeski, snowboard & alpine ski racing.

Appointments can be made by phoning +64 3 443 0734 (Wanaka Physiotherapy) or visiting the Medical Centre reception at Cardrona.

What can we do for you?

  • Self referral to physiotherapy
  • Ability to file ACC claim at Cardrona branch or at Wanaka Physiotherapy
  • Consultations under ACC are $22 for 30mins or $45 for an extended session
  • Soft tissue recovery/massage/private non-ACC consultations are also available
  • Assessment/diagnosis/management of injuries & if necessary referral on to Doctor/x-ray
  • Provide strapping/taping/braces
  • Provide on-mountain cover for teams’ training at Cardrona as well as events

Outside of Cardrona Clinic hours?

Services are available at Wanaka Physiotherapy located Wanaka Lakes Health Centre, 23 Cardrona Valley Road.

Open 7 days including evening appointments.

Pilates & gym-based rehabilitation.

Phone +63 3 443 0734




If teams or individuals wish to have a dedicated physiotherapist working with them this can easily be arranged as long as we know dates & athlete numbers & any foreseen requirements.

Contact for international & private athletes wishing to advise us of their required service at Cardrona’s medical facilities:

Attention: Ginny Rutledge (Practice owner)