Parks & Pipes

Ready to take some park laps!? Cardrona has the most extensive park & pipe facilities in the Southern Hemisphere with options for all levels of park riders. Whether you’re a pro, or looking to take your first laps through the beginner park, you’re all sorted in Cardrona Parks.

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Big Bucks Park

Big Bucks Park, Cardrona ParksThink you’re the ‘Big Buck’ of the herd & ready to step up with the pros? Cardrona’s Big Bucks Park has a range of epic features. An XL triple line ranging from 50-70ft with a bunch of technical jib features gives this park the title of being the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. Worthy of holding World Cup Freestyle Events, Big Bucks Park has a slopestyle flow & requires you to bring your ‘A Game’.

Access: Whitestar Express
Size: XL
Jumps: 3-4
Jibs: 4-6
(Jump & Jib count may vary)

Stag Lane

Stag Lane Mitch BrownLooking to mix things up on a variety of features? Stag Lane is a jibber’s dream, boasting a wide range of intermediate – advanced features to get creative on & unleash your steeze. In this park you’ll find a long, concentrated line of features spanning from rails & boxes to bonks & wall rides. You’ll be hitting more features, faster, down Stag Lane.

Acess: Whitestar Express
Size: M-L
Jumps: 2
Jibs: 12-18
(Jib count may vary)

Antlers Alley

Antlers Alley Liam Peter Ryan (800x534)The most recent addition to Cardrona Parks, Antlers Alley is the perfect place to progress to the big lines. The park boasts an intermediate-sized triple line ranging from 15-30ft, ideal for learning new tricks & building confidence. With a combination of jibs to follow, Antlers has a slopestyle feel to it & just screams a good time.

Access: Whitestar Express
Size: M
Jumps: 3
Jibs: 2-4
(Jib count may vary)

Lil' Bucks Park

Lil Bucks Park, Cardrona ParksNot quite a Big Buck yet but want to start impressing the herd? Lil’ Bucks Park is perfect for beginners & first timers who want to give freestyle skiing or riding a shot. With mellow jumps ranging from 5-10ft & a handful of ride-on jib features, Lil’ Bucks is ideal for taking your first steps into freestyle.

Access: McDougall’s Quad, Whitestar Express
Size: S
Jumps: 4-5
Jibs: 4
(Jib & jump count may vary)

Olympic Superpipe

Olympic Superpipe-Cardrona ParksThe 22ft Olympic Superpipe is a stunt ditch with a reputation as big as its walls. Cardrona’s largest halfpipe is also the largest in New Zealand & one of the very few 22ft tall options in the Southern Hemisphere. Serviced by its very own surface tow (named after Cardrona’s own Wells brothers), the opportunity to lap this all day has pipe jocks frothing! The pure scope & size of this beast makes it a hotspot for pros to train on. This unique feature is the same size as the pipes cut for the X Games & Winter Olympics.

Access: Wells Pipe Platter
Size: XL
Pipes: 1 (22ft walls, 160m long, 21m wide).

International Halfpipe

International Pipe Mitch BrownThe International Halfpipe is a smaller stunt ditch with a massive personality! Ranging from around 12 -14ft, it’s an awesome playground for developing your pipe legs & building confidence. This pipe is perfect for just getting the feeling of going up & down the pipe’s walls & is located conveniently beside the Olympic Superpipe.

Access: Wells Pipe Platter, McDougall’s or Whitestar chairlifts
Size: M
Pipes: 1 (12-14ft walls, 130m long, 16m wide)

Big Air

Cardrona Big Air-Cardrona ParksThe Cardrona Big Air is a monster! A whopping 85ft+ table makes this beast your best option to maximise air time in Cardrona Parks. Situated just above the Base Area, it’s an epic kicker not only for the pros, but for photographers & spectators looking to catch the action. The Cardrona Big Air is only for the brave & talented so it’s strictly experts only. This big kahuna will launch you into the stratosphere & have you feeling like a bird in the sky…

Access: Wells Pipe Platter, McDougall’s & Whitestar chairlifts
Size: XL
Jumps: 1

Gravity X

Cardrona’s Gravity Cross (Gravity X) is specially designed to incorporate a varied mix of race & freestyle disciplines.

The Cardrona Gravity Cross (GSX) course starts near the top of the Whitestar Express chairlift & extends into the All Nations trail. The race track is a fast flowing trail down the mountain & can include sweepers, rollers, berms, jumps & road gaps. Suitable for intermediate to advanced skiers & riders, the course may vary in difficulty depending on what events are scheduled.

Access: Whitestar Express
Size: M/L (size may vary).