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How to Maximise your School Holiday Snow Time 

Coming up the mountain for the first time with your family in tow can be a lengthy process, so let us help you to help yourselves by maximizing yours and your littleun’s precious time up here.  

No matter how prepared you are, taking your family up the mountain always has its challenges. Queues, rental fittings, tickets, it can all add up to a bit much, and before you know it, you’re winding your way back down the mountain road. That’s why we at Cardrona have compiled some handy recommendations to maximise your time on the snowfields making unforgettable memories with your wee ones.  

Buy online 

Firstly, if you’re able, book your tickets or pass online. As soon as you get up the mountain you want to be getting UP the mountain. Waiting to pick up passes in the ticketing office can… defer the excitement. We want to ski and board now! 

Catch us at Après  

If you’re one who would prefer a friendly face over a friendly interface, then pop into Après Wānaka at 50 Cardrona Valley Road. Our expert team can sort your passes, rentals, lessons, and more... all over some great food and drink.  

Book Lessons 

Speaking of lessons, they’re a great way to cut out any queues. Book them in advance either at Après or online and maximise your potential as well as your time with our lovely instructors. You might be heading home with the next Nico Porteous in your back seat!  

To Drive or not to Drive 

If you’re planning on driving, remember to fill’er up at either Wānaka or Queenstown. If you’re not confident driving the mountain road, no worries. Park at the bottom and our Pines Shuttle has you covered. They’ll run you up to the tippy top for free, with no frosty walks from Carpark 3.  

Avoid Hanger 

Let’s acknowledge that one of the best things about snow sports is the fact that you can eat as much as you want up the mountain knowing you’re going to well and truly burn it off that very same day. However, there’s nothing more annoying than having to stop every few runs for some energy boosters. Fill your pockets with muesli bars, trail mix or gummies to keep you going and avoid hanger at peak lunchtime hours. Remember – we're a landfill-free mountain so have a think about the packaging your pocket snacks come in and take any waste home with you. 

It's so special when families come up the mountain together for the first time. These experiences are the ones we’ll cherish forever, so let’s make the most of them! Hopefully these few tips help make your time with us even better.  

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