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Important updates from the Cardrona team... 

cardrona new ticket office for 2019

What's New for Winter 2019

Read all about our developments for the Winter 2019 season!

Oct. 26, 2018 By Jen Houltham

Pringles Update - April 2019

We’ve got important news to share about the Pringles development for the upcoming winter.

Apr. 23, 2019
Cardrona- Wanakaski-Skiingwanaka -lakewanaka

New Zealand's Biggest Ski Area

Yup, you heard right… we’re gonna be skiing & snowboarding in Soho Basin!

Jul. 12, 2018 By Jen Houltham

Cardrona What's On: Winter Festival is Coming!

The first "What's On" blog for 2019 – this week we're all about the Real Journeys Queenstown Winter Festival and what to expect in our early-season conditions.

Jun. 14, 2019 By Jen Houltham
team cardrona wanaka relay for life

Relay for Life 2019

We're doing the first ever Wanaka Relay for Life & we'd love you to come on board!

Mar. 15, 2019 By Jen Houltham
TGIF friday night mountain biking at cardrona bike park nz

What's New for Summer 2018/19

The summer season is fast approaching - we open Dec. 1! Here's all the new stuff for this summer at Cardrona...

Nov. 09, 2018 By Jen Houltham

Pringles Quad - New Advanced Terrain for 2019!

Summer 2019 is set to be another busy one of developments up here at Cardrona – we've got a new lift & advanced terrain going in at "Pringles"!

Aug. 16, 2018 By Jen Houltham