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Cardrona What's On: A Chilly Start to July

It's the first week of Australia's school holidays and the temps should drop this weekend.

This week marks the start of Australia's school holidays and we’re loving catching up with our Australian mates. The week has seen light snow showers, and we're hoping the forecast is right about this weekend sprinkling more on the slopes. 

We know that the school holidays can be a challenge at times for families, but if you read 6 of our top tips, we can help you take a load off your mind.

  1. This week marks the start of the "blackout period", our most popular time to ski and ride, throughout the Australian and NZ school holidays period. If you have a Saver season pass or an Earlybird multi-day pass, the next time you can use them is after the "blackout period", July 14. If you'd like to ski/ride in this time, buy a day or multi-day pass online
  2. With both the school holidays kicking off and selected terrain being open, buying a lift pass in advance and online is more important than ever to secure your ski days and avoid disappointment. It will save you time, and up to $25/day!
  3. When you’ve booked your lift pass and you’ve got a confirmation email, use our pickup kiosks to collect your pass. Simply scan the QR code in your email and they’ll print your pass there and then.
  4. We recommend using the kiosks in our town offices in advance to save yourself time and to get on the snow faster. You can also pick up any rental gear from the town offices too. And the team are super helpful!
  5. Check our snow report page for all the day's updates, how busy a day looks, and how many lift passes are left.
  6. Read our blog on the snow sports school and what will help raise the bar of your family holiday. 

Weather Forecast

This weekend looks cold. Some scattered snow showers and wind could see temps plummet to around -6 and -8 degrees. If you've got little ones with you, be sure to pack all the layers. We hope this windy and cold weekend is the answer we've been waiting for to see a good layer of snow! Open the Snow Report from 6.30 am daily to see what conditions are like.

Treble Cone

There was a Treble Cone update earlier this week.

The team explained there's new snow in the Saddle and top of Home basin, but it has rained on the lower mountain. We're eager for the storm forecasted for the end of the week to hit with the colder temps so we can crack on with snowmaking. The TC team are excited and ready to go as soon as the snow comes.

Stay tuned for another update soon on our socials. 


There's two upcoming events to look out for on the slopes, and they're happening next weekend, July 9!

  1. Cardrona Kids' Cup returns! A great playday in the park, it's a slopestyle event complete with face painting, food, drinks, music, magic, and most of all, fun. 
  2. Cardrona Race ya Mates is cranking for everyone else! A great opportunity to give social racing a go, and is the ultimate challenge for your mates. Just pop up to the top of All Nations Trail and you'll be timed and ranked against anyone else who enters.

Terrain Parks

The Cardrona Park Crew installed a hike park by Whitestar, consisting of 3 rails off to the side of Campbell's Trail. Not sure where that is? Look at our map

There are still 2 boxes on the learner's slopes in the Beginner's Area, a great way to develop your skills outside of the terrain parks! 

The Crew are still playing the waiting game for snow before they start on bigger builds. With the forecast predicting snow and chilly temps, the snowmakers should be able to get the guns on soon.  

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