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Jossi Wells Invitational


Cardrona What's On: A Wintry Blast!

We're in the middle of a wintry blast up here and we're about to kick off the 2019 Junior Freestyle Nationals!

Sep. 27, 2019 By Jen Houltham

Cardrona What's On: Tubing is Back!

It's officially back for 2019... tubing at Cardrona starts again tomorrow!!

Sep. 20, 2019 By Jen Houltham

Cardrona What's On: Spring Ski Week and the JWI!

Tomorrow we're kicking off the first-ever NZ-wide Spring Ski Week, we've had some great turns today, and the Monster Energy Jossi Wells invitational finishes this weekend!

Sep. 13, 2019 By Jen Houltham

Noah Morrison's Jossi Wells Invitational

Are you ready for this week's Monster Energy Jossi Wells Invitational? Canada's Noah Morrison sure is – he comes for it every year and this is why...

Sep. 09, 2019 By Noah Morrison