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Cardrona Mountain Bike School

Cardrona offers mountain bike lessons for beginner & intermediate riders. Take a private lesson to make riding a bike... just like riding a bike!

The Cardrona Mountain Bike School will help you ditch the training wheels & get you riding the trails with confidence! This summer we’re offering private mountain bike lessons for first timer, beginner & intermediate abilities... we’ve got you covered!

Our certified instructors will take you from zero to hero on trails & terrain suitable for your skill level in a fun & safe environment. Learn to mountain bike, or perfect your skills this summer with Cardrona’s Mountain Bike School!

Private Lesson Price Add Person
1hr $69 $50
2hr $99 $50

Learn to ride with Cardrona's Mountain Bike School!

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What level am I?


  • Can ride a bike on Grade 1 trails including paved roads & gravel paths

  • Working on basic skills like body position, braking, changing gears & cornering


  • Confident on Grade 2 trails including gravel paths, undulating or level formed single track

  • Working on speed & traction control, varying direction changes, trail anticipation


  • Comfortable riding a Grade 3 single track including trees, mud, rocks & sand

  • Working on increasing speed & improving flow on technical, rough intermediate trails

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