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Cardrona Mountain Bike School

Sharpen your downhill skills this summer with the Cardrona Mountain Bike School!

Cardrona's certified bike instructors are here to help you get the most out of your day in NZ's highest bike park.

Choose from the following 2-hour coaching programme options:

Downhill Fundamentals

Getting comfortable riding trails around town, but new to downhill/bike park riding? Our instructors will introduce you to the fundamentals of bike position, braking, cornering, lift riding and trail selection to set you up for a fun day on the mountain.


Ready to take your riding to the next level? This session will help you take corners with confidence and step it up to some more technical trails.

jump line

For when you're ready to send it a Mile High... this is a session all about air time. Speed, body position, take-off and landing - this one's for our most confident bikers who want to step it up even more.

We also offer a trail guide option for intermediate and above riders who haven't been to Cardrona before. This 1-hour session is more about a mountain orientation; getting the inside scoop on trail conditions and getting to know entries, exits and spots to watch out for around NZ's highest bike park.

  Adult Child Add a mate
2-hour Private Coaching $120 $120 $60
Full Package* $225 $195 $210 A / $180 C
1-hour Trail Guiding** $60 $60 $30

*includes full day full-suspension bike rental, full day lift pass and 2-hour private coaching session.
**subject to availability

Sharpen your skills with Cardrona's Mountain Bike School!

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