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Mountain Bike Safety

Keep safe on the trails this summer in New Zealand with a few helpful mountain bike safety tips from the team at Cardrona!

During summer operations we have a dedicated Dirt Patrol who monitor the trails, closures, signage & do basic first aid. To make sure you don’t need their help this summer, following the Dirt Responsibility Code & going through a daily checklist is a good start to staying safe on your mountain bike!

Dirt Responsibility Code

  • Ride within your limits
  • Ride only on marked trails or designated freeride zones
  • Stay within resort boundaries
  • Riding in closed areas will result in loss of pass
  • Carry a trail map & cell phone – Dirt Patrol can be reached on +64 3 443 7341 ext. 721
  • Be aware of unmarked hazards

Check out the Mountain Bikers' Code for more information.

Daily Bike Checklist

  • Inspect your bike frame for cracks, dents or other damage
  • Make sure you have enough brake pad to stop your bike on a steep downhill
  • Front & rear axles should be tight
  • Headset & stem should be secure with no movement
  • Tyres should be in good condition, with no tears or cuts in the sidewall & plenty of tread
  • Handlebars & grips should be tight (not spinning)
  • Seat & seat post need to be fastened securely

If you’re not sure your bike is in good enough nick to be riding the trails, pop in & see our friendly Cardrona Workshop team. They can look after most usual repairs right on the mountain while you grab a bite & a coffee!

Safety Checklist

  • Make sure your helmet is in good shape & adjusted to fit you. At Cardrona we recommend the use of full-face helmets
  • Knee pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Gloves
  • Enclosed shoes
  • Goggles
  • Neck Brace
  • Body Amour 

All the safety equipment listed is what we recommend. Helmets are compulsory in order to ride Cardrona BIke Park.

It always helps to bring a bag with water, sunscreen & windproof/waterproof layers for a day riding at Cardrona. Mountain conditions can change rapidly & it always helps to be prepared.

Make sure you warm up before you tackle anything too far out of your comfort zone – build up to more gnarly trails, take breaks & keep yourself fuelled. Mountain biking can be pretty taxing on your body, so you'll make the most out of your day if you pace yourself & ride within your limits.

We recommend heading out with the Bike School for a lesson! We have courses to cater for beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders.

If you have any questions about mountain safety, feel free to have a chat with one of our Patrollers!

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