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Our Values

At Cardrona we have a strong set of values that we believe all our team exemplify. If these values sound like you, apply for a role with us!

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Love it

We are here because we have passion & pride for these places and we want to share them. We must get out and play and remember why we are here. As leaders, we must work out what makes people choose us.

We’re all in this together
He Waka Eke Noa

Collectively we are stronger and more capable. We will build confidence in our people by making them feel good. We consider all our stakeholders in our decisions.

We are guardians

We feel connected to our place and responsibility of guardianship. Our guardianship includes: climate change, our natural environment, cultural heritage and people. We have the ability to influence and ignite change in people to change behaviour. 

Keeping it real

We are confident, brave, authentic and genuine - just like our pioneering founders. We have integrity, show honesty, transparency, truth and ethical behaviour. We listen and are empathetic and respectful of different perspectives.

Making it Extraordinary
Kia auaha kē

We strive for excellence. Deliver the gold dust - create magic daily. We run our own race, we focus on our competitive advantages.

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