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Cardrona Super D

Super D is a downhill endurance race where riders aim to ride as much vertical as possible in 2 hours (3 hours for a 2-person team)

Date: Sunday Feb 10, 2019
Time: 11am race start
Entry Fee: $25
About the Event:
The Super D is new to our calendar however, we know this will be an epic half day of social shredding. Super D is all about maximum vertical descents, so racers must complete as many laps of the Ridge Rider trail as possible in 2 hours as individuals & 3 hours for teams. Racers get lift line priority to uplift, then smash laps of Ridge Rider as fast as they can. Ridge Rider is a technical blue with sections of flow trail, so 2 hours will truly test individual & team riders’ endurance – not to mention it may require a massage appointment the following day! The race has a Le Mans-style start, & Chinese downhill to the lift before riders rack up laps. The pit area will be at the bottom of Whitestar Express for spectators, racer transitions, maintenance, refreshments & banter.

Enter online or at the ticket office before 10am.

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