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Torpedo7 Mega Avalanche

It's one of the highlights of our summer bike calendar - the Torpedo7 Mega Avalanche is back! with our Long Black DH race to start things off during the day!

Date: Sunday April 3, 2022

The fun never stops at Cardrona and our final day of the summer season will include an elite Downhill race down the legendary Dirtstar & Long Black trail AND a fun for all, final Mega Avalanche race from the top of Cardrona down to the historic Cardrona Hotel. The DH race is scheduled throughout the day and the Mega Avalanche kicks off at 4:15pm after the DH awards.The DH race is a last chance to race on the epic Long Black trail which includes the Dirtstar trail from the top to bottom of Whitestar and the Long Black trail from Whitestar to the bottom of the Valley View Chairlift. Vehicle shuttles will return riders to the Whitestar Chairlift and then race start.
The Mega Avalanche Course descends approximately 10km and over 1200 vertical meters from "Overrun" (above Whitestar) to the Cardrona Hotel. This course is a mix of bike park trails leading into Crankshaft, Mag Ridge, Persecution gully and finally through Mount Cardrona Station to Hwy89 and the Cardrona Hotel.

Both events are 100% social and riders must stick to the formed trail as both courses only have minimal taping and safety (only) marshals.


2019 Results
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The Cardrona Mega Avalanche 2018

Enter the Mega Avalanche and Long Black DH!

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