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Mountain Carting

3 wheels, 3 times the fun! Experience New Zealand’s first gravity-fuelled mountain carting adventure at Cardrona.

Experience Cardrona’s newest gravity-fuelled activity – mountain carting! No prior experience is needed for this fun downhill activity, just a sense of adventure & a thirst for FUN!

For the 2019/20 season we've got three mountain cart trails to choose from, the longest of which is over 3km & spans all the way out to Captain's Basin, & back to Whitestar Express. Ride the lift & get faster on every lap as you become more familiar with the course & our unique mountain carts!

Mountain carting runs in sessions starting on the hour, every hour after 10am. The last session starts two hours before closing each day – check out our full operating hours here.

Book your mountain carting experience below or contact us & find out more about mountain carting from our friendly Guest Services team. 

What is a mountain cart?

The 3-wheeled, alpine specialized, German-made mountain cart is designed for performance, comfort & safety.
  • The low centre of gravity & wide wheelbase enables high stability
  • Hydraulic disc brakes mean security, even on steeper tracks
  • Ergonomic design allows for a relaxed & comfortable sitting position
  • High-quality aluminium construction makes for easy handling

Cart sizes are relative to the driver’s height:

  • X- Small: 100-120cm*
  • Small: 120–165cm
  • Medium: 155–180cm
  • Large: 170–195cm
  • X- Large: 180–210cm

*If your kids are shorter than 100cm, they can ride with you on a bigger cart!

Note: the weight limit for our mountain carts is 110kg. 

What should I expect for my mountain carting session?

  • Make sure you bring sturdy footwear & clothing layers – especially a windproof jacket as mountain conditions can change very quickly
  • Once you get to the top of the Cardrona mountain road, head to the Ticket Office to pick up your carting passes (if you haven’t already done so in Queenstown or Wanaka)
  • Head over to Cart HQ (to the right of the Archway), where you will be fitted out with a mountain cart, helmet, & optional goggles & overalls
  • You’ll get a safety briefing from the team member at Cart HQ, do a little practise & head to the lift for some 3-wheeled FUN!
 Mountain Carting Per Person
2hr Cart, Lift & Transport (ex Queenstown) $150
2hr Cart & Lift $120
2hr Cart (if you have a lift pass) $70

Minimum height restriction for single Mountain Cart drivers is 100cm & must be at least 8 years old
Kids under 100cm can ride tandem with an adult for free. 
Transport departs the Go Orange Shop (37 Camp Street) at 8.15am & 11.45am, returning 2.45pm & 5.45pm

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