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Lift-Accessed Frisbee Golf

With warmer temps & finer weather, summer is the perfect time to try new sports.

One sport that’s growing in popularity is frisbee golf – we’re starting to see more & more troupes of intrepid golfers in Wanaka’s Lismore Park or the Queenstown Gardens, flinging frisbees towards strange looking metal baskets as hard as they can.

At Cardrona we’re always trying new things, especially if it involves a fun new sport... so as part of our Geo Adventures Fun Day on Sunday, we’re introducing Frisbee Golf to our summer visitors! It’s New Zealand’s first lift-accessed Frisbee Golf course – with 18 holes in the alpine & the Southern Alps at your back, it’ll be a unique experience for seasoned golfers & newbies alike.

Geo Adventures Fun Day also includes an orienteering course for both experienced & first time geo sportsters to test themselves on. The course winds its way around the mountain to introduce people to the sport, & challenge skilled orienteerers to get the fastest time of the day.

There are lots of deals on the day for the whole family to get up on the mountain, try new sports & have FUN:

  • $25 per activity for frisbee golf or orienteering
  • 2 for 1 mountain bike day pass (good if you & a friend want to try both activities or go for a blast on your bikes)
  • $50 mountain bike lessons
  • $10 tubing

This weekend is the best time to try out NZ’s first lift-accessed frisbee golf course in a unique mountain environment – if you all enjoy it we maaay just put the course up for the entire 2017/18 summer season! Come & try frisbee golf along with orienteering & mountain biking – it’s the perfect day to try what could become your go-to summer sport.

So bring up the kids, bring up your mum & have a blast at the first ever Geo Adventures Fun Day – this Sunday (February 19) from 10am-3pm at Cardrona!

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