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Summer Weekly Report - February 9, 2018

All the action in Korea kicks off tonight, so we're sending massive good vibes to the Cardrona whanau & the rest of the Kiwis over there!

We're kicking off this week's report by wishing all the best to Carlos Garcia-Knight, Tiarn Collins, Zoi Sadowski-Synnott, Janina Kuzma, Byron Wells, Beau-James Wells, Jackson Wells, Nico Porteous, Miguel Porteous, Finn Bilous & Britt Hawes as they take on the best in the world in Korea over the next three weeks! We're so excited to see what they achieve, along with the rest of the Kiwis, & we'll be cheering them on from back home.

You can support the Kiwis with your own #BlackSnow chapter – it's a Mons Royale initiative to get everyone together to watch our winter athletes! Check out the Black Snow website for more information.

We've had a gorgeous, sunny week up here & the trails have had a lot of love after last week's random wintery blast – they're riding sweeeet as! The first of our social racing series, Fast Fridays, kicks off tonight at 6pm.

Weather Forecast

The weather for the weekend ahead is looking a little damp on Saturday morning, but the weather looks to clear for the afternoon & for most of the day on Sunday. For the rest of the week, the team at are predicting a couple of nights of rain, but all looks to be clear during the day... we're calling it – hero dirt week ahead!!


After last week's weather there was a bit of rain damage on a few of the trails, so the trail team have been out & giving the trails a fluff up, & they're running smooth as now! There's still quite a bit of moisture in the soil so they're pretty tacky, looking good for this coming week!

Before & after: some trail surgery on Prospector

If you've not seen our trail previews yet, check them out here:


Tonight we're kicking off the first of 4 social racing nights – the Racers Edge Fast Fridays! Entry is just $25 for all 4 races, & you get a commemorative glass & a beer included! The next race is on February 16, then we take a wee break for the Altherm Window Systems NZ Mountain Bike Nationals & we're back on March 2 & 9. 

The weekly prizes include a food pack from the Wanaka Mediterranean Market & beer from B.Effect, so grab a team or race solo in what's got to be the best way to spend a Friday night on the trails! 

Remember – TGIF Friday passes are just $35 for 4 hours of riding from 4–8pm, every Friday of summer! 

Come on up for another great week at Cardrona & get behind the Kiwis in Korea! 

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