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Snow Sports School FAQs

If you want to become a ski or snowboard instructor in Cardrona’s Snow Sports School, here are answers to a few commonly asked questions to help you out!

Cardrona's Snow Sports School is rated among the best in the world - our high calibre of instructors, combined with a fantastic training & development programme along with a friendly team working environment means that our team tend to return for many seasons. If you're a qualified instructor who loves working with people from all walks of life then join our Snow Sports School team this winter!

If you'd like to become a ski or snowboard instructor but you don't have any instructing qualifications, our Instructor Training Centre may be the perfect choice for you!

Due to a high number of returning instructors for Winter 2019, we aren't recruiting snowboard instructors in our first round of advertising. We may have a small number of positions available at a later date, so please set up job notifications to be the first one to hear about any roles as they're listed!

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