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Race Programmes

Cardrona Alpine Ski Team has a proven & winning track record in all levels of ski racing. 

Personalised programmes from part-time to season-long training to suit your every need & help you reach your full racing potential.

At Cardrona, there are ski race programmes for every age & ability. With the Cardrona Alpine Ski Team (CAST), we offer part-time programmes for young skiers looking to structure their training around their other commitments, or full-time programmes for young athletes looking to train 5 days a week to become competitive ski racers.

2019 Programme Overview

Programme Year of Birth Per week More Info
FIS 2003 + 5 days per week Click here
Junior Programme (U6 - 16) 2004 - 2005 3 or 5 days per week Click here
Otago Locals Day 2012 - 2015 1 day per week Coming soon!
School Holidays weeks 1 - 4 2014 - 2005 5 days per week Click here
Masters Programme 21 + (any age welcome) 1 or 2 days per week Click here
Fly, Drive and Train (weekend training option) 2009 + 3 days per week Click here

Can’t find the programme you’re looking for? Contact us for more information & to be provided with a quote. Our friendly CAST team are always happy to help!

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