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HPC Homestay Families

If you'd like to host one of our WST or Parks Squad athletes this winter, register here!

Important information

Before you apply to be a host family for the winter season at the bottom of this page, here's some important info:

Ideal family location

  • Close to Wanaka town centre for gym sessions, town centre transport pick-ups & dry land/social activities
  • Walking distance if possible
  • Athlete may be enrolled in MAC or language centre for tuition.

Ideal bedroom situation

  • Own room
  • Bed & all linen
  • Reasonable storage for clothes etc


Good nutrition is an important part of an HPC athlete's training. They have healthy appetites as they train hard all day & burn a lot of energy which needs to be replaced.

Required meals:

  • Help yourself breakfast
  • Packed lunch
  • Home cooked meal in the evening. If your family goes out for dinner you must include the athlete in your arrangements & pay for their evening meal
  • If the athlete wishes to go out with friends, any meals will be at the athlete's expense.


  • The athlete is responsible for organising transport to & from training venues & any venue at which they are studying outside of training
  • If homestay family is asked to provide transport on a one-off or on regular occasions, additional compensation & limitations will need to be agreed on by the athlete & homestay family.


  • HPC will advise details of training & any events to the homestay family using Facebook, Twitter & email as per info pack
  • Your coach will maintain regular contact with you regarding your athlete’s training commitments


  • All overseas calls by the athlete should be made collect or by using pre-paid 0800 phone cards
  • Athletes are responsible for paying any phone expenses incurred in the household directly to the homestay family. Cardrona HPC accepts no responsibility for any athlete-incurred expenses

Heating & electricity

  • Most of our athletes come from countries that have air conditioning as a common feature & are not used to the colder houses in New Zealand. They have been informed of how heating & electricity works here, however we ask that you please allow them to feel warm & comfortable in your home


  • If your athlete needs medical attention, they should be taken to your own doctor or nearest medical centre
  • In any type of emergency, please contact the Homestay Coordinator & advise of the situation

Homestay payments

  • Payments will be made as arranged between you & the athlete either weekly, fortnightly or lump sum

Homestay check

  • After you apply, the Homestay Coordinator will contact you to arrange a time to visit you & check that your home is suitable for a homestay situation


We require all families to treat athletes with respect & kindness. It is important to us that the athlete feels comfortable & safe with your family.

Your rules & guidelines for the athlete should, within reason, be based around what they are accustomed to at home & should be discussed with the athlete & the athlete’s family, so that they fully understand your expectations & you understand the needs of the athlete.

You will be required to agree to a Police Vetting Check on all people living in the house who are 18 years or over.

Anyone over 18yrs must be listed
All homestay families are required to undergo a police vetting check on anyone in the household over 18 years.

Please list any preferences you may have in choosing your homestay athlete e.g. age, languages.
Please list anything that your prospective athlete would need to know about your family in advance.
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