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TC Freeride Team Training

A season-long programme training in NZ's freeride playground on the weekends!

A weekend programme built to hone the skills of keen freeriders who already have some experience in competitions and a history of training or learning through other HPC or snow sports school programmes.

This group will focus on the excitement and challenge of skiing off-piste, transforming it into athletic performance on a pathway to freeride competition. We aim to nurture the mindset of athletes, with a focus on their approach to training, a deeper look into judging, line spotting and competition tactics.


  • 10 weeks / 1 or 2 days per week
  • Coaches: Sam Lee, Ben Richards, Matt Suite

The TC Freeride Team is run as part of the Cardrona Parks Squad - to sign up for any TC Freeride programmes, please contact our team.

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