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Wānaka Ski Team x TC Freeride

The perfect combination for skilled TC skiers - ski racing and freeride together in one programme!

This weekend programme combines ski racing and freeride disciplines, the ultimate combination for a skilled TC skier. It is a competitive programme focused on competing in interfields races and junior freeride competitions.

The usual training day at TC in this programme includes a morning ski racing training session followed by an afternoon of freeride in the Saddle. There will be some weeks focused more on ski racing and some more on freeride, depending on upcoming competitions.


  • Ski only
  • 10 weeks / 2 days per week
  • July 30 - October 2, 2021
  • Coaches: TBC
  • Price: $2360

The TC Freeride Team is run as part of the Cardrona Parks Squad - to sign up for any TC Freeride programmes, please contact our team.

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