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Snowboard Trainers

Meet our team of Instructor Training Cardrona snowboard trainers! Our highly-qualified team of snowboard trainers will help train you to achieve your SBINZ snowboard qualifications – some of them will even be examining them!

Kyle Kostohris

Kyle started his instructing career in 1995. This gave him the opportunity to travel to NZ & start teaching at Cardrona in 1997. He began working as a SBINZ Examiner/Trainer in 2001. He now spends the off season teaching in Utah & is Snowboard School Supervisor at Cardrona.

Damion Lee

Damo has been teaching for over 20 seasons. He spends his time between Cardrona & Utah. He has been working at Cardrona for 8 seasons & the ITC for the last 3 seasons. He also holds the SBINZ Trainer’s Cert.

Keith Stubbs

Keith (aka Stubbsy) has been in the snow industry since 1999, clocking up countless winters across 4 different continents. Apart from his short stints coaching & guiding in Japan, he is based in Wanaka most of the year, working as a trainer with Cardrona ITC & as a SBINZ Examiner.

Leo Carey

Leo began instructing in 2009 on his travels around the world & quickly immersed himself in the industry. Since then he has spent his winters between Canada & NZ teaching both skiing & snowboarding to all ages. Leo is a SBINZ Examiner/Trainer & is also affiliated with CASI.

Luke Gillett

Luke started working at Cardrona ITC last season after a few seasons in Queenstown. He also has spent a number of seasons in Japan teaching & leading instructor training. Luke is also an SBINZ Examiner/Trainer.

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