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Snowboard Trainers

Meet our team of Instructor Training Cardrona snowboard trainers! Our highly-qualified team of snowboard trainers will help train you to achieve your SBINZ snowboard qualifications – some of them will even be examining them!

Kyle Kostohris

Kyle started his instructing career in 1995. This gave him the opportunity to travel to NZ & start teaching at Cardrona in 1997. He began working as a SBINZ Examiner/Trainer in 2001. He now spends the off season teaching in Utah & is Snowboard School Supervisor at Cardrona Treble Cone.

Damion Lee

Damo has been teaching for over 20 seasons. He spends his time between Cardrona & Utah. He has been working at Cardrona for 8 seasons & the ITC for the last 3 seasons. He also holds the SBINZ Trainer’s Cert.

Keith Stubbs

Keith (aka Stubbsy) has been in the snow industry since 1999, clocking up countless winters across 4 different continents. Apart from his short stints coaching & guiding in Japan, he is based in Wanaka most of the year, working as a trainer with Cardrona ITC & as a SBINZ Examiner.

Luke Gillett

Originally from England, Luke now spends most of his time snowboarding in Japan and New Zealand. Having previously worked around the Southern Lakes district since 2008, he's now happy to call Cardrona Treble Cone home where he works as an ITC Trainer and SBINZ Examiner. 

In Japan he was based in Niseko where he was Director of Hokkaido Instructor Training, Head Snowboard Trainer at Niseko Base Snowsports and also runs exams for SBINZ. 

When not on snow, Luke keeps himself busy playing all kids of sports, having adventures outdoors, and travelling to new places with awesome people.

Greg Samson

Greg hails from Dunedin, where he lived until 2011 when he left his office job as a Draftsman and made the move to Wanaka to become an instructor with the Polytech programme at Instructor Training Centre, Cardrona. He's since been chasing winters to various corners of the world, including North America, Japan and Scandinavia, gaining epic experiences both on and off now. 

Greg worked his way up to become an SBINZ Trainer/Examiner in 2016 and was selected to the current SBINZ Technical Team as well! He brings huge stoke to the ITC crew and loves helping guide new instructors in to this rewarding industry. 

Other hobbies include, attempting to play musical instruments, surfing, mountain biking, sailing and having a nudge at paragliding. 

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