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Otago Polytechnic Ski

This is what we consider to be the ultimate ski instructor training course in the world. The course is run through the Otago Polytechnic & delivered by Instructor Training Cardrona. It is the only programme of its kind that is industry-based.

Cardrona employs all Otago Polytechnic ski students as instructors right at the beginning of the season. The training is designed to prepare students to teach within the school as soon as possible. Once they are ready & start teaching, training becomes integrated with the teaching experience. The students are treated as staff & are part of our Cardrona Snow Sports School team.

Students have all the benefits of enrolling in tertiary education in New Zealand.

The course covers a huge curriculum & the outcomes are far wider than any other ski instructor training course. These include:

  • The New Zealand Certificate in Introductory Snowschool Instruction (Applied), Level 4 (Ski)
  • NZSIA Level 1 & training towards Level 2
  • Formal teaching hours
  • Snow school employment reference

Entry Criteria

This course has open academic entry. Students must provide the following information with the application form:

  • Short list of ski skills, showing a record of time spent on snow up to a minimum of an intermediate level
  • Completed health & safety declaration
  • Referee statements of your good character, your personal attributes, & your appropriateness to undertake the programme for Snow Sport Instruction.

Cancellation of course

Enrolment in a course or programme is conditional upon & subject to sufficient numbers of students enrolling in the course/programme.

Further info

For further details, contact Barbara Emmitt:

Otago Polytechnic
Central Otago Campus
P.O. Box 16 Cromwell,
New Zealand

Freephone: 0800 765 9276

Or visit for more information.

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