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Still making your decision about where to train to be a ski or snowboard instructor this winter? Don’t take it from us– read testimonials from our former students to find out why Instructor Training Cardrona is the ultimate way to become an instructor!

Freddie Wilkinson, UK

"Training at Cardrona Instructor Training Centre was better than I could ever have imagined. Working with some of the best trainers in the world had dramatic effects on my skiing. With their guidance I passed both my NZSIA Level 1 & 2 ski instructor's qualifications. Coming up the hill every day, I knew I was in for a fun, challenging & exciting day on the slopes.

The trainers at Cardrona have a passion for skiing & a passion for you to become the best skier you can be. Now back in the UK, I have a new found confidence in everything I do & aim to start ski instructing as soon as I complete my university degree."

Adam Gorrill, UK

"Having arrived on the course with slight apprehension of what to expect out of the 10 week course (was I fit enough, was my riding strong enough, was I still able to learn at my age?) I was greeted by warm & welcoming trainers with big smiles to boot. 

Once up on the hill my riding was deconstructed & rebuilt from the ground up, with the technical understanding of how & why the board performed as it did, how the conditions affected the board & its movements & what your body should be doing to maximise the strengths of riding. This was also true with the teaching; understanding even the basics of why & how a person learns set me up to become a considerate & patient teacher with the knowledge & skill base to deal with most situations - & this is all purely down to the amazing crew up at Cardies. They take you from whatever walk of life & not only build you into an incredible, strong & able instructing machine, but they send you off at the end of it with a few life lessons too. They are genuinely understanding, adaptable & welcoming of all people which makes the whole environment one you don't want to leave behind.

Being up at Cardrona, teaching with the crew there & being surrounded by such a friendly, inviting & skilled set of individuals is up there as one of my all-time favourite times of my life."

Vicki Wise, UK

"Having taking the opportunity to leave my 'real-life job' & change careers I chose to start my snowboarding career with the ITC at Cardrona, & what an excellent choice it was. It was an honour to train with some of the best trainers around, I learnt so much & my riding was totally transformed. The trainers helped not only with the riding but also answered numerous questions about the whole industry & working as an instructor. 

I have been teaching for 2 companies in Europe this winter & plan to come back to NZ, & hopefully Cardrona because it's such an amazing place. Last summer was by far the best I've ever had & I can't recommend the ITC enough - they're fantastic guys!"

Griogair Reid Stewart, Canada

"A BIG thank you to all of the trainers at Cardrona ITC. The instruction was first class, with excellent help & advice both on & off the slopes. I am delighted to have gained my qualifications &, most of all, I am delighted with the improvement of my own skiing. Years-old flaws in my technique were cured early in the programme meaning my eventual progress was far greater than I ever hoped. Small groups, hugely experienced instructors, & the hill's facilities & great atmosphere made this the best place to learn to instruct. 

Since leaving Cardrona I have moved from the UK to Alberta, Canada where I am instructing with the Canadian Association of Disabled Skiers. Every day in this position the training I gained from Cardrona proves its worth. Ski instructing is a difficult job at the best of times, let alone when there are so many other challenges put in front of a student. Techniques for skiing & instructing coupled with the patience Cardrona taught me help me in each & every lesson I teach."

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