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Hobbits & Hobblets

The most FUN your kids can have on a Sunday!

Hobbits/Hobblets is a great programme for kids of all levels and all ages. They are Cardrona’s longest-running locals’ programmes – the kids learn heaps and have a blast! Our qualified instructors are the pick of the bunch, specifically chosen for their kid-friendly teaching skills and technical knowledge.

Our Cardrona Hobbits/Hobblets programme is for local skiers and riders and runs for 6 Sundays from 11am to 3.30pm. Hobblets is for 3 and 4-year-olds. Hobbits ski from 5 years to early teens, and snowboard from 7 years to early teens. There’s a group for every level, from absolute beginners learning to ski or snowboard to all-mountain rippers and budding park specialists. Hobbits is all about learning new skills in a supportive and social environment. With the same instructor and same age group of kids every week, each group soon becomes their own little team. Some of our amazing instructors who teach Hobbits went through the programme themselves back in the day!

Hobbits & Hobblets – 6 Sundays

6 Week Programme - August 1 to September 5
Earlybird pricing and guaranteed sign up (before Jul 15) $325
Regular season pricing and waitlist only (Jul 15 onwards) $399
Add lunch $68

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