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Ride Tribe Treble Cone

We also offer local kids' programmes at Treble Cone - welcome to Ride Tribe TC!

Ride Tribe TC is Treble Cone's favourite local kids' programme, For six consecutive Sundays your kids will rip around the mountain with our best instructors who love the programme just as much as the kids. The focus for each session is to ski and ride the best terrain and conditions of the day. With an element of skill development and lots of mileage your kids will be skiing and riding better than you in no time. 

Ride Tribe TC 2023 - 6 SUNDAYS

6 Week Programme - dates TBC
Price TBC

  • 9.30am–2.30pm (except for Minis)
  • Ski:  5-14 years (all levels, plus advanced level freeride focus)
  • Snowboard: 7-14 years (all levels plus advanced level freeride focus) 

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