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Treble Cone

We also offer local kids' programmes at Treble Cone - welcome to Riders & Sliders!

Riders & Sliders is Treble Cone's local kids' programme, and runs on the same 6 Sundays as Cardrona's Hobbits/Hobblets and Academy. Your kids will have the most fun in this programme if they're intermediate/advanced and can rip around the mountain with their friends, but we understand that there are lots of passionate TC families so we look after all ages and levels in Riders & Sliders.

Riders & Sliders 2020

6 Sundays
9.30am–2.30pm (except for Minis)
July 26 – August 30

  • Ski:  5-14 years (all levels, plus advanced level freeride focus) $399
  • Snowboard: 7-14 years (all levels plus advanced level freeride focus) $399 
  • Minis: 3-4 year olds: $299
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