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Core Skills Camp

Get ready for the winter season of training with the Core Skills Camp.

Based on feedback from last year, we are putting on a specialty early-season training camp. This camp will be focused on all the technical, core riding skills that can get overlooked in the full swing of the season. This is essential for athletes who want to build a solid base for their on-snow performance. 

Examples of the areas that will be worked on are:

  • Body alignment
  • Basic balance
  • Movement patterns
  • Basic ski/snowboard movements
  • Rotating vs. turn initiation

Video will be used to provide feedback throughout the camp. We will start with the basics & leave no stone unturned. This camp is primarily aimed at National & International level athletes. It will employ an individual approach to maximize the time & impact of the camp on the rest of your season.  


3 weeks starting 21st  June, 4 days per week – training runs Thursdays to Sundays (subject to conditions).

Freeski coaches:  Peter Legnavsky, Hamish Mcdougall
Snowboard Coaches:  Will Jackways, Nick Brown 

  • 4 days per week: $1080 (Thursday to Sunday) as an add-on to season-long training
  • 4 days per week: $1560 (Thursday to Sunday) as stand-alone training
Add-ons available:
  • Transport to the mountain (from Wanaka) offered alongside regular Cardrona service
  • Homestay options available for NZ & international riders: from $360 per week
  • Sweatshirt with this year's graphics: $99
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