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Development Programme

Because every talented skier or snowboarder starts somewhere!

The Development Programme is all about igniting a passion for skiing and snowboarding within the youngest members of our snow sports community. The Development Programme takes 5-9-year-olds and turns them into snow addicts, teaching them the basics of all freestyle snow sports disciplines – park, pipe, and freeride.

The Development Programme focus is on fun, teamwork and development. Our coaches focus on building confidence that can be taken forward through their snow sports career, and into life in general. This is all about fostering a love of snow sports, of training as part of a team, and a sense of achievement through mastering new skills.

If your child can ski or snowboard confidently from the top of the mountain, turning and controlling their speed, they’ll be a perfect fit for the Development Programme. Not sure? Contact us and we’ll be able to help you decide if this is the programme for them!

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