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Grom Squad - Fun to Learn

The Grom Squad is for young kids that want to be challenged on snow. 

The youngest age group, Grom Squad is for kids just getting into park riding as an introduction to coaching programmes. No park experience is necessary. Grom Squad is focused on fun, riding with friends & general park progression! It is all about building a solid foundation for future snow sports rockstars... 

Super fresh, Groms have no or very little experience in the park, but want to be competitive. They're ready to commit to a whole season of training. They may have had trampoline experience.

Grom Squad athletes want to become competitive in local freestyle events like the Cardrona Park Attack, Piki Maunga Rangatahi & the NZ Cardrona Junior Nationals. Our Parks Squad coaches will guide you through each event. It is always a great group of kids that brave the elements together to learn and improve.

Grom Squad - SKI

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Grom Squad - SNOWBOARD

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11 weeks, starting the week of 26 July. 1 or 2 days per week options are available. Training will be on Thursdays &/or Saturdays. 

Freeski coaches:  Kendall Hawes, lead coach , Dane Kirk  coach
Snowboard Coaches:  Francois Mazet, lead coach,  Julianne Bray coach

  • 1 one day per week: $1120 (Thursday or Saturday)
  • 2 days per week $1920 (Thursday & Saturday)
Add-ons available:
  • 1 trampolining session per week for 10 weeks: $110
  • 2 conditioning sessions per week 10 weeks (in Wanaka): $290
  • 1 day per week transport to the mountain
  • 2 days per week transport to the mountain
  • Sweatshirt with this year's graphics: $99
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