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TC Freeride Programme

Based at Treble Cone, the TC Freeride programme is the ultimate platform for young skiers to launch into the world of competitive freeriding.

The TC Freeride programme is an introduction of the world of Freeriding to the youngsters in Wanaka, New Zealand and the world. What better place to explore with your coach, learn and be challenged constantly! This is a group that provides a safe environment for young skiers to challenge their ability and skill. It is a learning platform giving them unforgettable experiences. The sport is not the only part of it - training with the TC Freeride Programme will affect many areas of personal growth such as determination, grit, perseverance and many others. 

We're currently gathering interest for snowboard freeride programmes - please register here.

This year we have 3 training options for all freeride abilities.


This is aimed at the top young skiers around the 14+ age group and is designed to have the least impact on schooling while providing concentrated time to learn on snow. This group will meet for 4 x 4 day camps that will all have different goals and themes. 

Training in blocks allows for fundamental skills to be introduced, practised and retained with the guidance of an experienced coach while allowing free time during the weekends in between for athletes to train independently.
A solid understanding and application of technical skills allow skiers to express their vision of freeride without limitations, expanding their ability to see and ski creative lines, while growing their own unique approach to freeriding. 

This programme also includes coaching at 3 top competitions during the season, plus performance reflections post-competition. 

There are only 5 spots available!


A weekend programme built to hone the skills of keen freeriders  (over 10 years old) who already have some experience in competitions and a history of training or learning through other HPC or snow sports school programmes. 

This group will focus on the excitement and challenge of skiing off-piste, transforming it into athletic performance on a pathway to freeride competition.

We aim to nurture the mindset of athletes, with a focus on their approach to training, a deeper look into judging, line spotting and competition tactics.

The programme will include coach support at 3 top competitions during the season plus performance reflections post-competition.

If you love freeride and want to improve your skills in competitions, this is for you!


A launch-pad into the world of freeride!

This programme aims to provide a fun, supportive, team environment for young rippers (over 10 years old) to continue the progression of their technical skills.
We will spend most of our time exploring and learning about the mountain, finding and conquering new terrain and of course, jumping off everything we can find!

Coaches will take care to guide a safe and thoughtful approach to freeriding and especially jumping.
Our goal is to motivate our kids to challenge their limits and improve their skills while building a long and sustainable future in an unbelievably rewarding sport!

This is the perfect place for adventurous, creative, snow hungry kids to discover the possibilities of skiing.

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