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Cardrona Parks

On any given day you'll see up & coming Kiwi shredders charging through our terrain parks alongside international X Games athletes – are you ready to take some park laps!?

Cardrona has 4 terrain parks of different levels, from a beginner park through to a FIS Slopestyle course. Check out Cardrona Parks NZ on Instagram & Facebook for up to date pics, videos & park info!

Lil' Bucks Park

Want to start impressing the herd? Lil' Bucks Park is perfect for beginner & first time park riders who want to give freestyle skiing or riding a shot. With mellow jumps ranging from 5-10ft & a handful of ride-on jib features, Lil' Bucks is ideal for taking your first turns into freestyle.

Access: McDougall's Express Chondola, Whitestar Express
Size: S
Jumps: 4-5
Jibs: 4
(Jib & jump count may vary)

Cardrona Kids' Cup 2016 in Lil Buck's Park

Antlers Alley

Antlers Alley is the perfect place to progress to the big lines. The park boasts an intermediate-sized triple line ranging from 15-30ft, great for learning new tricks & building confidence. With a combination of jibs to follow the jumps, Antlers has a slopestyle feel to it & just screams a good time!

Access: Whitestar Express
Size: M
Jumps: 3
Jibs: 2-4
(Jib count may vary)

Mass train on the Antlers Alley jump line

Stag Lane

Looking to mix things up on a variety of features? Stag Lane is a jibber's dream, boasting a wide range of intermediate–advanced features to get creative on & unleash your steeze. In this park you'll find a long, concentrated line of features spanning from rails & boxes, to bonks & wall rides. You'll be hitting more features, faster, down Stag Lane.

Access: Whitestar Express
Size: M-L
Jumps: 2
Jibs: 12-18
(Jib & jump count may vary)

Wacko Wells takes a GoPro One Line down Stag Lane, finishing in Antlers Alley

Big Bucks Park

Think you're the 'Big Buck' of the herd & ready to step up with the pros? Cardrona's Big Bucks Park has a range of epic features. An XL triple line ranging from 50-70ft, with a bunch of technical jib features, gives this park the title of the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere. Worthy of holding World Cup freestyle events, Big Bucks Park has a slopestyle flow – bring your A Game!!

Access: Whitestar Express
Size: XL
Jumps: 3-4
Jibs: 4-6
(Jib & jump count may vary)

James 'Woodsy' Woods takes a GoPro One Line down Big Bucks Park & through Antlers Alley

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