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Cardrona Pipes

We have two halfpipes at Cardrona, including NZ's only Olympic-standard 22ft Superpipe... 

Every year our International & Olympic halfpipes attract pipe jocks big & small from all over the world. Our pipes are home to both local & FIS World Cup level events every winter – even if you don’t ride pipe, there’s always action to check out in our stunt ditches! 

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Olympic Superpipe

The 22ft Olympic Superpipe is a stunt ditch with a reputation as big as its walls. Cardrona’s largest halfpipe is also the largest in New Zealand & one of very few 22ft pipes in the Southern Hemisphere. Serviced by its very own surface tow (named after Cardrona’s own Wells brothers), the opportunity to lap this all day has pipe jocks frothing! The pure scope & size of this beast makes it a hotspot for pros to train on. This unique feature is the same size as the pipes cut for the X Games & Winter Olympics.

Access: Wells Pipe Platter
Size: XL – 22ft walls, 160m long, 21m wide

Team Rider Nico Porteous takes a GoPro One Line down the Olympic Superpipe

International Halfpipe

The International Halfpipe is a smaller stunt ditch with a massive personality! Ranging from around 12 -14ft, it’s an awesome playground for developing your pipe legs & building confidence. This pipe is perfect for just getting the feeling of going up & down the pipe’s walls & is located conveniently beside the Olympic Superpipe. The International Halfpipe is also home to the annual Minipipe World Champs!

Access: Wells Pipe Platter, McDougall’s Express Chondola or Whitestar Express
Size: M – 12-14ft walls, 130m long, 16m wide 

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