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Park Crew

A lot of work goes behind building, shaping & maintaining the Southern Hemisphere's most extensive park & pipe facilities. Meet the crew behind it all. 

The North Face Cardrona Parks Crew work day & night to give you a variety of terrain park & pipe features for all levels of skiers & snowboarders. From a massive 85ft Big Air & 22ft Superpipe to ride-on boxes & entry-level freestyle features... they are dedicated to providing safe & progressive parks & pipes for you to enjoy. 

The Cardrona Parks Crew come from around the globe & have countless seasons of experience & knowledge. The Cardrona Parks crew includes builders that have constructed Big Air, Slopestyle & Halfpipe courses for some of the world's most elite events, including the Winter Olympics. 

Sponsored by The North Face & Dragon Alliance, the Cardrona Parks Crew are a talented & hard-working bunch that just want to see you progress & have fun lapping the parks & pipes. 

Cardrona Parks Crew 2016 Season Edit

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Heath Richmond

Hometown: South Lake Tahoe, California
Experience: 15 seasons at Cardrona & in North America
Favourite feature: Jump line
Best thing about working in Cardrona Parks: Getting to work with the best crew around
Instagram: @heathrichmond

Kevin Fournier

Hometown: Auburn, New Hampshire
Experience: 9 seasons at Keystone A51, Colorado & 8 at Cardrona Parks
Favourite feature: Down flat rail
Best thing about working at Cardrona Parks: Hardest working, most dedicated crew!
Instagram: @kfournier22

Matt slocombe

Hometown: Alexandra, New Zealand
Shaping experience: 8 seasons at Cardrona Parks, 4 at Hemaven, Sweden and 4 at Iso Syöte, Finland
Favourite features: All the different combo rails we’ve set – rainbow down, Z, elbow to down... the classic 9m down rail (pow rail) is always good as well.
Best thing about working in the park: The crew! The boys kill it every season.
Instagram: @m_slocombe

James byrne

Hometown: Terrigal, Australia
Shaping experience: 7 seasons at Cardrona Parks and 1 in Sweden
Favourite features: DFD, S rail and the minipipe are always fun.
Best thing about working in the park: Spending the better part of half the year in one of the best parks around with a top crew and the chance to be out after hours making creative ideas come to life.
Instagram: @jameswb

Jack Spence

Hometown: Wellington, New Zealand
Shaping experience: 7 Cardrona Parks seasons and 1 in Myrkdalen, Norway
Favourite features: Triple line
Best thing about working in the park: Laps with the crew
Instagram: @jackspencenz

Ross Juretich

Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand
Shaping experience: 6 seasons at Cardrona Parks, 1 at Penken Park, Austria and 3 in Myrkdalen, Norway.
Favourite features: 8m red mesh rail, DFD and jumps.
Best thing about working in the park: Lots of people think it’s all front boards and flat whites, working in park crew. If it was anything like that I’d say that, but it rarely is. Building and changing up the park would be my favourite part for sure.
Instagram: @rossjuretich

Oscar Schaeffers

Hometown: Rotorua, New Zealand
Shaping experience: 5 Cardrona Parks seasons, 2 at Hemaven, Sweden and 1 at Myrkdalen, Norway
Favourite features: Any sort of snow feature or any steel with a donkey dong.
Best thing about working in the park: My colleagues and their passion for park perfection
Instagram: @oscar.schaeffers

Elliott Mason

Hometown: Wanaka, New Zealand
Shaping experience: 2 seasons at Cardrona Parks, 1 at Big White Parks, Canada and 1 at Myrkdalen, Norway
Favourite features: S Rail
Best thing about working in the park: Working with a bunch of legends in a world-class terrain park.
Instagram: @elliott_mason8

Tim Köhler

Hometown: Limburgerhof, Germany
Shaping experience: 2 Cardrona Parks seasons and 2 at Sölden, Austria
Favourite features: S rail, rainbow to down.
Best thing about working in the park: High working standards combined with the best crew & skiing every day.
Instagram: @captain_koehler

Haldan Pedersen

Hometown: Wamberal, Australia
Shaping experience: 2 seasons at Cardrona Parks and 2 at Hemaven, Sweden
Favourite features: Flat bars (Peggy 2.0)
Best thing about working in the park: The amount of appreciation you get from riders.
Instagram: @haldanpedersen

Keir Mcilwham

Hometown: Wildschoenau, Austria
Shaping experience: 1 Cardrona Parks season, 4 at Westendorf, Austria and 4 at Mt. Hutt, NZ
Favourite features: Too many goodies to decide!
Best thing about working in the park: Working and boarding with a great crew.
Instagram: @keirmcilwham


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