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Cardrona What's On: Queenstown Winter Festival

This week at Cardrona we've been all about the Real Journeys Queenstown Winter Festival!

It's been an absolutely incredible first official week of skiing & snowboarding at Cardrona - blue skies, hero snow... what more could you ask for? Skiing & snowboarding conditions have been absolutely epic; our pick of the week has been Captain's Basin.

This week we've also welcomed the Real Journeys Queenstown Winter Festival with last night's Legends of Steel! You can watch the full livestream replay on the Legends of Steel page or on our Youtube channel. Today's events were the Snow Skate Slalom, & the Monteith's Dog Derby & Dog Derby. We're so chuffed to be holding these epic events!

Cardrona-Queenstown ski - skiing in Queenstown -Queenstown winter festival-Nico Porteous

Weather Forecast

We've been chatting to the forecasting team over at Snows Best – they're predicting a fair bit of snow over the next few days! It's currently looking like Friday could be a good day for some fresh turns... 

snows best weather forecast cardrona june 22


We kicked off our Real Journeys Queenstown Winter Festival with the Legends of Steel rail showdown between Team Nico Porteous & Team Zoi Sadowski-Synnott on Thursday night. It was an absolutely incredible spectacle, with Team Nico eventually taking the win... until next year's rematch...

Today (Friday) saw the adorable chaos that was the Monteith's Dog Derby & Dog Barking events. It was such a blast to see all the dogs & their owners boosting down the mountain, & even more fun to watch the owners barking for the dogs that refused to!

Cardrona-Queenstown Winter Festival- Dog Derby-Ski Queenstown

Coming up on Sunday we've got the Macpac Tour de Cardies & the Macpac Mountain Bikes on Snow – we're especially looking forward to watching the mountain bikers & all the extra chaos that will bring...


Early season conditions have seen the Cardrona Terrain Park crew able to get features going in Lil' Bucks, Stag Lane, & Antlers Alley (including the intermediate triple line!). The forecast over the next week should give the team some more snow to work with... more features are on the way!

Cardrona Terrainpark Skiwanaka wanakaskiing

Things to look out for

You may have seen the new Base Café & Mezz - did you know you can grab a tap beer at Java though?? Of course you can still get ah-mazing coffee there too, but an afternoon brew is always an added bonus...

What an epic week up here... bring on the rest of the weekend & next week's SNOW!!

June 22, 2018

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