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Earn trophies while you ride!

Skiing & snowboarding at Cardrona is about to get a whole lot more fun! Ski & ride the mountain your way & earn trophies as you go...

If you're looking at your Cardrona profile pages, you might see a new addition – the Trophy Case. We've just introduced a series of trophies you can earn as you ski or snowboard at Cardrona – you unlock them as you achieve them! 

There are trophies for vertical metre achievements, laps on certain lifts, total days skied & more. We're going to keep introducing more, so keep your eyes peeled & see how you can make the mountain your own in both summer & winter... & brag to your friends when you've earned the trophies first!

The trophies look like this until you unlock them:

They also have a wee blurb underneath them that tells you how to unlock them. Once you've done enough, they'll change to look something like this, which you can share on social media:

I don't know how to get to the "My Stats" or "Trophy Case" pages!
  • The first step is to make sure you have a Cardrona profile. Go here to log in, sign up, or reset your password if you think you've been here before & already have a profile, but you're not sure what your password is.
  • Once you're logged in, your main profile page will load.
  • From here, hover over the "My Info" tab at the top of the page & click "My Stats" to see your stats for the seasons you've ridden at Cardrona, & "Trophy Case" to see the trophies you've already achieved, & the ones you still need to unlock.
  • See what you need to do to unlock the trophies, & get out there to start shredding!!
Cardrona Ski Resort - Skiing in New Zealand - Carving - Ski Fast - Cardrona Ski Resort - Skiing in New Zealand - Carving - Ski Fast - Cardrona Ski Resort - Skiing in New Zealand - Carving - Ski Fast -

Where Are My Stats?!

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