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Get ready for Winter 2017!

We’re already counting down the sleeps until we open for winter on June 10 – are you!?

Here's a list of our top five tips for what you need to be ahead of the game before this season. Get all set for another epic winter of snowboarding & skiing in New Zealand!

Check your gear

This is the time of year that we all need to ensure our ski & snowboard gear is where we remember putting it at the end of last season. Double check that you have a glove for each hand & that you’ve got enough thermals & socks to see you through. Don't forget your helmet!

You may get a whiff of your five year-old ski/snowboard boots, & decide to upgrade your kit for the upcoming winter. Nothing says “I love me” like a brand new pair of boots – but just remember, nothing says “I respect my friends & family’s senses of smell” like Gran’s Remedy.

Lots of places have pre-season sales with new & last season's gear. If you make it up the mountain on Opening Day to find you’ve left something behind, you can always pick it up at the Cardrona General Store!

Cardrona -General Store-Ski Hire-SKi Rental-Snowboard rental

Do some squats

We’ve all heard it a thousand times, but we still struggle to get fit for snow until it’s too late to make a difference. Don’t be the one with Opening Day leg burn – do some squats & walk up some hills... it all helps. Having fit ski legs means you can tackle the South Island’s longest run at Cardrona… it’s 4.5km long! Whether you’re here for the whole season or just a short New Zealand ski holiday, your muscles will thank you in the long run if you’ve gotten them ready for Winter 2017.

Do your homework

We’ve made a lot of changes to the resort for the upcoming winter… there’s one or two things you should be aware of by now *cough-Chondola-cough*. If you’re not prepared, it’s sure going to look like a different alpine resort when you get up here! So before you embark on your snowboarding trip to Queenstown or Wanaka, check out our latest developments & keep an eye on the webcams to see how the progress is coming along!

The new Chondola is coming along nicely...

Share the froth

Skiing & snowboarding is more fun with friends! Share the stoke by tagging your friends in every Cardrona post, every ski & snowboard meme & make them watch every old school ski/snowboard movie with you. Reminisce with all your photos from your last ski holiday in New Zealand – tag us on Instagram @cardronanz if you find any good ones!

Suss your pass

Our Last Chance  season pass sale is on now! It’s your last chance to pick up a season pass at a discounted rate. Don’t be left wondering if you should’ve nabbed one… this season's bound to be all time!

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