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Mountain Driving with Audi

Mountain driving can be a challenge for a lot of people, so Audi & Cardrona have teamed up for the ultimate mountain commute!

Audi are the official vehicle sponsor of Cardrona & also the naming sponsor of the Audi quattro Winter Games NZ held every 2 years. Last year Cardrona athlete Jossi Wells boosted an Audi up the mountain to the slopestyle course to include it in the event! Check out the video here.

Our Head of Sales Mat Woods reckons his Audi is the smoothest ride up a mountain road of any car he's ever driven - & he's had a few! We caught Mat absolutely fizzing about it, he went on to say: "It makes an unsealed road feel tar-sealed! The exceptional 4WD quattro capability makes me feel super safe on alpine roads, especially when descending. I am amazed at the economy of these beasts, 850km to a tank is insane! The parking assist (front & rear cameras) is unbelievable & guides me into very tight spaces with confidence. When you pop up the 2 seats in the back (to make it a 7 seater) it's surprising how much space there to pack the car out!"

If you're looking for your own smooth ride up the mountain, check out the following tips for driving in alpine conditions:

Tips for safe mountain driving

  • Keep left! The Cardrona mountain road operates with 2 way traffic, with shuttle buses coming up & down the road regularly.
  • Keep chains in the boot! Weather & road conditions can change rapidly on the mountain, so be prepared with a set of chains ready to go should you need them. Make sure you know how to fit them - do a test run before you set off for the mountain!
  • Drive to the conditions & your comfort levels! We all have different levels of experience when it comes to mountain driving, so drive to your comfort levels. The conditions can be different depending where you are on the road - so slow down for corners & icy patches!
  • Be patient! Everyone is trying to get up & down the mountain road safely, so only pass where it is safe to do so. Give heaps of space between you & the car in front of you. If you're driving on the mountain road & you notice a long line of cars right behind you, you may need to pull over in a safe place to let more experienced drivers pass.
  • Catch a shuttle! If you're not comfortable driving up the mountain road, we offer a return shuttle from the Pine Trees carpark (1km up the road) for $10pp! There are lots of other transport options that you can check out here!

The NZ Transport Association have a really useful brochure on safe winter driving - check it out here.

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