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New Zealand Winter Opening – 5 things to get you ready!

The countdown to the New Zealand winter season is on! With only 3 sleeps left until Opening Day, here are our top 5 things you need to do to get ready to shred!

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Try all your gear on

We’ve all been there – getting so excited to go skiing or snowboarding before the New Zealand winter begins that we put all our gear on, do a catwalk for our family & friends, then jib the living room furniture. But there is method to the madness! Trying on all your gear in the week leading up to the mountain opening is a really good way to find out what needs replacing, repairing, or a little bit of love from your friendly local workshop.

Pick up your lift pass

If you’re aiming to head up Cardrona on Saturday for Opening Day, chances are you’ll be in Queenstown or Wanaka at least the day before. A pro tip from the team at Cardrona: pick up your lift pass before Opening Day! Head into our offices in either Queenstown or Wanaka to sort out your lift pass & anything else you may need on the hill for your first day of the New Zealand winter. This way you skip all the Ticket Office queues on the mountain & can head straight to the lift to grab those precious first lines!

Cardrona Corner in Wanaka also has a range of accessories available to purchase, so if you remember that you threw out your last pair of manky socks at the end of last winter, you can pick up a new pair at the same time!


You’re probably sick of everyone telling you that you should get fit before the New Zealand winter begins... the the good news is it’s too late now! Don’t start your fitness regime the week before opening – you’ll only make yourself sore & tired & we all know that’s not a good recipe for skiing or snowboarding. Instead of running up hills with 5 sleeps to go, STRETCH. Find a yoga class, download an app, have a “we have no flexibility” party with all your non-bendy friends, & get your stretch on! You’ll thank us later when you go for your first grab of the season!

Hit the Welcome to Winter party

On Friday June 10, we’re welcoming the 2016 New Zealand winter in style, with a Burton Riglet Park & all-ages rail jam in downtown Wanaka! If anything is going to get you amped for Opening Day, this will! If you’re super keen, bring your gear down & have a jam on the box setup on Dunmore St, or bring your friends, watch the action & sample some of Wanaka’s finest products at the Farmers Market. The event kicks off from 3pm.

Prep the night before

There is nothing worse than sleeping in, rushing to find all your gear, & then arriving at the top carpark to find you’ve left something crucial behind. On Friday night (after you’ve checked out the Welcome to Winter party), find all your gear, make a pile of all your clothing for the morning, pack your hardware into the car, & get breakfast organised so all you have to do is roll out of bed & get going! Put your pass in its own pocket in your jacket or pants so you don’t get held up at the ticket gates.

If you have one of “those” mornings & you have forgotten something important, we’ve got you covered in our Rental & Retail departments!

If you’re frothing like we are for another awesome New Zealand winter, get everything ready & get up here on Saturday for Opening Day 2016! See ya in 3 sleeps!

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