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Recipe: The Cardrona Snow Cake

Geoff Wayatt is Cardrona's resident weather expert – check out his "recipe" for the perfect snow day at Cardrona...

The Cardrona Snow Cake     

by Geoff Wayatt – Master Snow Cake Chef

To make a 1m snow cake, mix together:

  • 1x very strong, cold southerly air flow from the Southern Ocean (pre-cool to –10°C)
  • 1x “Pineapple” storm for the North Tasman Sea (pre-warmed, moisture-laden tropical air)
  • Mix them over the Southern Alps, lifting the mixture to be light and fluffy.
  • Plunge all the ingredients onto the Southern Lakes mountains with a turbulent flow of nor-wester winds to form a 50cm snow cake base.
  • Add a southerly change to provide 10cm of icing on the cake (20cm if you have a sweet tooth).

Slice cake with a pair of fat skis & bon appétit! Your perfect snow cake day at Cardrona.

Check out our Snow Report daily to see if one of these cakes is on the menu...

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