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Where Are My Stats?!

So most of you will have noticed that we have a shiny new website, & a new system to go with it. It should be a lot easier to find what you’re looking for, except for one big thing that our existing customers are used to seeing on

Those of you who’ve been diligently checking your user statistics over the past few years on your mycard profile may have noticed that when you log in now, your beloved stats have disappeared. Those seasons of hard work, pushing to get a couple more laps in when you know your mate came up for some sneaky mid-week turns to try beat your total… it might look like it’s all gone up in smoke.

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Did you even do those runs if there are no stats to prove it?

Don’t you fear… we’ve still got it!

Your MyCard profile information from previous seasons has been stored – we’re in the process of uploading your past season stats onto the new system. When we’re done, you’ll be able to log in & see your lift & vertical metre info, as well as update your profile, see what products you’ve purchased, & much more!

This is all part of Cardrona My Way – a system to make your day & season at Cardrona even more focused on YOU. It’s our “behind the scenes” work in the digital space to help you get the most out of your Cardrona experience. We’re making sure you get rewarded for the way you snowboard & ski in New Zealand – ‘cos we’re all different, right?!

We will have your profiles set up before the start of Winter 2017 so you can start competing against your friends to have this season’s bragging rights of most laps! Keep watching this space for more amazing things you can do with Cardrona My Way this season & in the future…

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