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Cardrona My Way

Have you got a Cardrona My Way profile yet? It’s SO easy to sign up, & there are a TONNE of benefits…

If you’re not sure how to sign up, head to & click on “Log In” in the top right corner on desktop. If you’re on your mobile, click the 3 lined menu in the top right-hand corner, then the profile icon next to the shopping cart. You’ll then be able to choose from 3 options:

  • If you’ve got a profile, you can just log in with your email address & password under “Log me in!”
  • If you think you’ve had a Cardrona profile in seasons-past, but you have no idea what your password is, reset it by clicking “forgot my password” under “Log me in!”
  • If you don’t have a log in, click “Create” under “Sign me up!”

Check out all the cool things you can do with your Cardrona My Way profile once you’ve signed up:

Cardrona Profile Info

Once you’ve signed up, you can access your Cardrona My Way profile, that has all your personal information on it that you can edit at any point. You’ll find it if you hover over “My Info” in the top navigation, or click the “Edit” button under “My profile” on your main dashboard.

A really useful section to fill out is the “How I Ride” section – if you fill all that out, you don’t have to do it when you get to Rentals! It has all the information that the Rentals team need to fit your gear to your specific requirements.

If you’ve got any medical information you think the Ski Patrol team would need to know in case of an emergency, then filling out the “Medical/Allergies” section could be a good idea!

You can also change your password on your profile page.

Adding family members

Adding family members to join your Cardrona dashboard has a whoooole lot of perks, including:

  • If you get separated on the mountain, you can see exactly where they scanned last on your dashboard page.
  • You can add Cardrona$ to the RFID passes of the whole family, so they don’t have to carry cash or extra cards with them, & the kids can sort their own lunch!
  • When you want to add experiences (like lessons or rentals) online, everyone in the family is attached to your profile, making the booking process twice as quick.

To add family members, click the “Add friends or family” button under “My family” on your dashboard. You’ll send them an email request which they’ll need to accept to make it Cardrona-official!

 Mountain stats

Ever gotten to the end of your day on the mountain & thought, “that was a big one, wonder how many laps I did?” You’ll find all your stats on the “My Stats” page under “My Info” in the top navigation. We’re keeping a track of all your daily, season-long & yearly stats, so you can go back & have a look at how you’re doing (& brag to your mates when you’ve done more than them). We also use your stats to update your Trophies!

Unlock trophies

Yup – you can earn trophies as you ski, snowboard & mountain bike at Cardrona. You can even share them on Facebook or Twitter if you’re feeling particularly braggy that day - & who wouldn’t be if they skied 100,000 vertical metres in a single season? Or did 300 laps of Whitestar in winter? Check out what you’ve achieved so far, & what you’ve got left to unlock…  

Adding experiences

If you’re wanting to add to your Cardrona adventure, for example with lessons, Rental gear, accommodation or event registration, you can do so by hovering over “Buy & Book” in the top navigation & choosing from the menu.

If you choose “Activities”, you’ll get to a screen that says “What do you need?”. If you choose the drop down under “Guest” that by default says “Adult”, you can choose from yourself/one of your pre-saved family members which will automatically filter all the products in the tabs below so you’re only offered experiences that are relevant to you.

Manage MyRFID

This is something that’s especially relevant if you visit in both summer & winter – in summer you’ll probably prefer using your wrist band for your lift access, but in winter your MyCARD is a more reliable option through all your winter layers. You can manage these on your “My profile” page or by clicking “Add RFID” on your dashboard. All you’ll need to do is type in your RFID code (found on the bottom right of the white strip on your MyCARD, or on the back of your summer wristband) & click “Save” to change to the pass you’d like to use.

You can add more than one RFID card but you can only use one to access the lifts each day - the first card you scan at the lifts will be the only one you can use that day, but you can use your other ones at the cafés & retail shop.


Did you know you can use your MyCARD to pay for anything on the mountain or in our Queenstown/Wanaka shops? You can load Cardrona$ onto your pass through your profile dashboard.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll find the button to load your Cardrona$ under the MyCARD section of your dashboard.

You can load your Cardrona$ in two ways:

  • Cardrona$ - Individual: Leave your wallet behind – load $$ onto your pass to spend anywhere at Cardrona!
  • Cardrona$ - Family: Load $$ into your family’s Cardrona piggy bank so anyone can use their pass to pay for anything at Cardrona.

If you’ve got both Individual & Family Cardrona$ loaded, your individual balance will be used first!

Cardrona$ expire after 12 months of inactivity – if you haven’t spent or loaded any Cardrona$ on your pass in the last year.

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