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Jones Snowboards Banked Slalom

The Jones Snowboards Banked slalom is 100% social but fiercely contested due to its long history within NZ. 

Date: Sunday, August 16, 2020
Location: Treble Cone Ski Area
About the event:
The Jones Snowboards Banked Slalom is the longest-running snowboard event in New Zealand. Hosted in one of the many natural pipes located in the saddle basin, this event appeals to freeriders, speed freaks, locals and racers who just want to give it a go!

Age divisions include Masters 40+, Under 16, or Open. All competitors complete 2 timed runs which are combined to determine the overall results.

The course is generally steep, bumpy and fast with race gates set up on the banks to add to the thrill factor.

Please follow the facebook event page for recent updates to receive notifications - “Jones Snowboards TC Banked Slalom”

TC Banked Slalom

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