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JWI Spectator Info

If you're heading up to Cardrona to watch the Jossi Wells Invitational, here's all the information you need!

Key dates & times

The Jossi Wells Invitational is on the mountain from September 12-15.

  • The 11th & 12th the athletes will be practising on all the courses
  • The Rail Jam will be held on September 13 in Stag Lane/Antlers Alley
  • The Pipe Jam will be held on September 14 in the International Halfpipe (minipipe)
  • Big Air will be on September 15
  • A skate jam will be held in town at the Wanaka Skate Park on Sunday September 16
  • The above schedule may change depending on weather – we'll keep you updated on our social media if anything is different!

Where to watch

Most of us watch the Big Air Jossi Wells Invitational from the ridge off Skyline. You will need a lift pass to get there! There will be commentary, music & giveaways up there so it's really the spot to be.
Down at Base the best spots will be The Lounge or the Noodle Bar decks – both look right out at the jump.

For the Pipe Jam, your Base spots are the same as for Big Air. If you want to get close to the action, the best spot will be at the bottom of the International Halfpipe.

The best place to watch the Rail Jam will be from the sides of the park – a spectator viewing area will be set up to keep everyone safe so please make sure you stick there!

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