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Trading Terms & Conditions

Wholesale Agent Trading Terms & Conditions

The agent accepts that the following Terms & Conditions are applicable to all sales:


• The Company is defined and refers to Cardrona Alpine Resort Limited.
• The Customer is defined and refers to the Wholesaler or Agent.
• Students are defined as studying full time with an Australasian tertiary institution; we define full time study as a minimum of 25 hours per week for the duration of the course (minimum of 32 weeks). Current photo ID issued from the place of study must be shown. ISIC cards are not accepted.
• Child / Youth are defined as aged 6-17 years or still attending secondary school.
• Seniors are defined as aged 65-69 years.
• Children aged 5 or under are entitled to free skiing – one time fees can apply. We reserve the right to request proof of age or eligibility at any time.
Pending - Within the Agent portal the term used to describe when a booking is loaded &
a reference given to the booking. The booking is able to be cancelled by the agent.
Invoiced - Within the Agent portal the term used to describe when a booking has been
locked by Cardrona and used to generate an invoice for immediate payment. The booking can no longer be cancelled by the wholesaler or agent.
Paid - When Cardrona releases booking(s) to the sales offices and is able to be issued
to the end user or customer.

Terms & Conditions: 

1. This agreement is for the supply of Cardrona products including the Treble Cone & Cardrona Flexi Passes to be marketed and distributed by the Agent to the retail travel industry and through direct channels direct to consumer only. Distribution of Cardrona Alpine Resort Ltd product and or any Treble Cone & Cardrona Flexi Passes to any other channels is prohibited unless the Agent has gained prior written approval from Cardrona Alpine Resort Ltd.

2. All companies intending to trade with Cardrona Alpine Resort Limited must apply and be accepted as a trading partner and provide a current Agents Registration form prior to being able to create bookings.

3. All bookings must be online via the Cardrona Alpine Resort Limited Agents Portal.

4. At your first log in you will be required to review your Company contact details to ensure they are correct.

5. We require that all bookings be entered and Pending no less than 14 days in advance of the clients travel departure date.

6. Bookings will require no less than the First and Last Name and city of residence of each guest in a party & the party departure date.

7. Bookings will generate a reference code at the time of entry which should be passed on to the head of each party in their documentation.

8. Client bookings will be Invoiced (locked for editing) 14 days out from departure. At this time you will be invoiced for clients and payment for that booking will be due immediately.

9. Choice of payments:
a. At the time of entry of booking into the system you can pay by credit card. This requires NO lead time to enter the booking.
b. By Bank Transfer. You need to indicate your intention to use this option. In this case payments must reference the name of the company and Cardrona invoice number. You agree to pay any costs associated with foreign transfer or exchange of funds.

10. Bookings will only be made live upon receipt of payment.

11. Refunds will be processed in line with our mountain conditions of use. See Cardrona Alpine Resort consumer terms for full terms and conditions. All refunds are at our discretion.

12. The Customer and the Company agree that if the Goods and Services are acquired for business purposes, the provisions of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (“CG Act”) are excluded in relation to the provision of the Goods and Services. The Customer agrees to indemnify the Company upon demand against any liability or cost incurred by the Company under the CG Act as a result of any breach by the Customer of any of its obligations under that Act. Nothing in these terms is intended to contract out of the provisions of the CG Act except to the extent permitted by that Act.

13. The Company’s liability for any Claim made by the Customer for damages or losses incurred in respect of the Goods and Services shall not exceed the price of the Goods and Services. If either party is liable to the other (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) and the claiming party and/or Third Party has contributed to the loss or damage, the liable Party shall only be liable to the proportional extent of its own contribution. No Claim may be made against the Company unless it is made within six years of the date the cause of action has accrued.

14. If the invoices are not paid when due Cardrona Alpine Resort Limited reserves the right to:
a. Charge penalty interest on the unpaid amounts at the rate of 2% per month.
b. Charge all costs and legal fees associated with Cardrona Alpine Resort Limited pursuit of collection.
c. Decline to honor the unpaid bookings referenced to the invoice(s).
d. If pursuant to this clause interest becomes chargeable, Cardrona Alpine Resort Limited may at their option cancel all credit arrangements forthwith and all monies then owing will thereupon become immediately due & payable. All costs and reasonable legal fees will be paid by you in respect of your account collection by Cardrona Alpine Resort Limited. 

15. Where Cardrona Alpine Resort Limited is profiled in any marketing material distributed or otherwise made available to the skiing public photo credits must be used. Descriptions must match that listed in the sales manual. Variations and edits must be approved by Cardrona Alpine Resort Limited or its authorized representative.

16. Your supply of any of the products listed in the product manual implies acceptance of the terms & conditions above.

17. Disputes between the Company and the Customer shall be referred in the first instance to mediation & thereafter unresolved disputes shall be referred to arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration Act 1996.

18. This agreement is governed by the New Zealand law, the New Zealand courts have jurisdiction in respect of this Agreement, & all amounts are payable in New Zealand dollars.

19. Cardrona Alpine Resort Limited reserves the right to review any of these Terms at any time. Any change will take effect from the date on which the Company notifies the Customer of such change.

20. In the context of these Terms, the meaning of the word “Claim” includes:
a. For damages of any kind, including, but not limited to damages for breach of contract;
b. For loss of profits; or
c. For any consequential, indirect or special loss, damage or injury of any kind suffered by any person arising directly or indirectly; &
d. For compensation, demand, remedy, liability or action.

21. All notices or other communications to be given under these Terms shall be given at the Customer's last known place of address (as specified in the Application unless the Customer has changed address & informed the Company of that change in address) shall be in writing & shall be deemed to have been duly given or made:
a. In the case of a communication by letter on the third day after being posted by mail, correctly addressed & stamped;
b. If given by hand, on personal delivery to the Customer;
c. In the case of a communication by facsimile when transmitted with no indication of incomplete transmission to the Customer's last known facsimile number. In the case of notice by facsimile the facsimile communication shall immediately be followed by the posting or delivery of an original notice as set out above; &
d. In the case of an email, when acknowledged by the Customer orally or by return e-mail or otherwise in writing.

Cardrona Apartments - Terms & Conditions & Cancellation Policy

We strongly recommend travel insurance for all guests.
Our cancellation policy is firm & unfortunately we cannot refund or amend accommodation due to unforeseen circumstances, injury or sickness. These events should be claimed against the guest’s travel insurance.
• Full payment is required at the time of booking to secure your reservation.
• Upon booking the agent is hereby bound by the terms & conditions.

Winter Season

All refund requests must be received in writing and acknowledged.
A minimum $200 administration fee applies to all of the below cancellation penalties;
• Cancellation within 24 hours prior to arrival: No Refund
• Cancellation within 7 days prior to arrival: Refund less 75% of total apartment cost
• Cancellation within 7-14 days prior to arrival: Refund less 50% of total apartment cost
• Cancellation within 14-30 days prior to arrival: Refund less 25% of total apartment cost
• Cancellation 30 days or more prior to arrival: Refund less $200 admin fee

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