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Weather Forecast

Plan your trip to Cardrona for your New Zealand holiday with detailed weather forecasts from our meteorologist friends.

Protected from the north-west winds, Cardrona regularly experiences good weather across all seasons. If you’re on the way to Cardrona in the next couple of days, check out our 3-day weather forecast:

Long Range Forecasts

For longer range forecasts (5+ days), we recommend visiting some of our favourite meterologists for their best predictions of the week ahead. They can disagree a bit, so it's best to look at a couple of them to get the best picture.

Metservice NZ - A 5 or 10-day mountain forecast from our National Metservice - Our favourite international experts

Bureau of Meteorology - South Tasman satellite image - Our buddies in Australia with very cool synoptic charts to show what’s coming from across the ditch - Satellite imagery of approaching weather systems for all of NZ

NZ Mountain Safety Council - For the latest backcountry avalanche advisory

Don’t always believe the forecast! Sometimes Mother Nature likes to play tricks on meteorologists, so we always recommend checking out our webcams the morning of your visit. Our Resort Report features up-to-date information on conditions & facilities – it’s updated daily from 6am in winter, & 8am in summer!

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