Going Green – Preserving Our Environment

Cardrona is dedicated to creating epic experiences both on & off the snow & dirt, all year round. One of our biggest focuses currently & moving forward is making sure that we get to keep appreciating our incredible mountain environment for many years to come.

Cardrona EnvironmentOur environmental plan is in full swing, & runs across every facet of our mountain. From our buildings, to our operations & even our off-season work, we are committed to changing the way that we do things to preserve our alpine playground.

So far, a lot of our changes have happened behind the scenes. In 2015 we moved our snow guns to new locations for reducing snowmaking operations. Our new GPS snow tracking software SNOWsat, has allowed us to make better use of the snow we have, with groomer drivers able to see where snow is needed & where there is more than enough right from inside the cat. We’ve also upgraded our trails with better drainage systems & re-vegetation to minimise erosion.

We’re very proud that many of our environmental changes have begun with our staff. As of the 2015 winter, Cardrona staff have completely moved away from paper takeaway cups – they are all served their morning coffees in reusable, plastic cups. Many of our staff also travel in our new employee buses, to reduce the number of staff vehicles coming up & down the mountain each day.

You’ll see little changes around the resort, like our new recycling bins which encourage you to separate bottles, cans, & plastic. But the big changes are still to come. We want to make sure sustainability is included in all our decision making – addressing every department & working on how to make it better for the environment. Our long term goals include minimising waste by replacing our disposable products with biodegradable ones & looking into composting our organic matter. We’ll also look into restoring the environment we use by replanting vegetation & optimising our waste water systems.

Environment - Recycling

But we understand that looking after our mountain environment doesn’t end with us. So one of our big upcoming initiatives is introducing environmental learning into our local school programmes. This will enable local kids to not only learn to ski, but also learn how to give back to the mountain environment so their kids can ski & snowboard in the future. It’s part of our commitment to making sure that our mountain is available for generations to come, to have EPIC experiences all year-round!

Cardrona is “going green” because we have a responsibility to share our amazing mountain & all it offers with guests from all over the world. We can’t do it alone – it’s going to take all of us who love being in the mountains to help preserve them for the generations to come. One recycled bottle at a time is going to help the red & white of Cardrona stay green for decades to come!

Environment Updates for 2016

  • Composting plan in action – using food scraps & coffee grinds from our cafes to make “Black Gold” to distribute around the Base Area, Captain’s & other targeted areas
  • A new glass crusher is on its way! We’ll be recycling all our glass products by crushing them into a fine grit that we can use on our road and carparks
  • “Hydro-Greening” the Olympic halfpipe – planting a mixture of mulch & seed will help the pipe maintain its shape!