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Dragon Goggle Guide – Tricks and Tips!

Getting your goggle game right can be a tricky business, so we asked our friends from Dragon Alliance to help us out with a couple of tips!

There are two things in snowboarding/skiing that suck more than anything: 

1 – Being cold 

2 – Not being able to see

While Dragon’s goggles can't do much about warming you up, they can help you get the best possible vision with some simple tips and tricks. 

#1 – Get your fit right. 

You wouldn’t wear a pair of size 12 shoes if you’re a size 9, so don’t wear a large goggle if you’ve got a small head – in both cases, you’ll be looking like a clown! When considering fit, we like to emphasize the comfort of your nose. If you can drive a truck through the gap between the goggle frame and your cheeks, go with something smaller. If your nose is blocked or pinching when wearing the goggle, go with something larger. Make sure the goggle perfectly seals to your face – after your 22nd lap of Whitestar Express, you’ll be thanking me.

#2 – Lens tints are IMPORTANT, not just for style! 

Did you know a good lens makes you go 30% faster?* The truth is, lenses don’t care about you. They don't care if you can backflip in Big Bucks or fly down a black run... if you pick the wrong lens, it can ruin your day! On the flipside, pick the right lens and you’ll be flying past your friends, launching off every side hit in sight, no matter the weather.

*Okay, we have zero scientific data behind this statement, but good luck going fast with a low-quality vision or a foggy lens. 

The GOLDEN RULE for lenses: Opposites Attract

  • The brighter, sunnier the day, the darker (lower VLT %) the lens you’ll need.
  • The greyer, darker the day the lighter (higher VLT %) the lens you’ll need.

If you never want to worry about choosing your lens again, speak to the Cardrona retail staff about Dragon’s Photochromic Lens – a self-adjusting lens that gives you optimal vision in a variety of conditions. That way you can focus on more important decisions like spending your last dollars on a pizza or another Espresso Martini at Mezz.

#3 - Foggy lenses SUCK!

Ahhh fogging, the archenemy of the snow goggle – follow the below simple tips to get you out of fog’s way and seeing clearly all day long. 

  1. Buy a premium goggle with Dual Lens, armoured venting and Super Anti Fog Coating. 
  2. Don’t touch the internal Anti Fog Coating (unless it’s softly on a dry lens with a microfibre bag)
  3. Dry naturally, not inside the goggle bag.
  4. DON’T use a hairdryer to dry your goggles – this will melt the internal coating.
  5. When taking a break, don’t put your goggles on your head. Let them air out.
  6. Make sure your vents aren’t full of snow.
  7. Ensure that if you wear a facemask or neck warmer that you do not breathe directly up into the goggles as this will cause fogging issues.

About the Author

Tom Wright

Dragon Alliance

A surfer with a love affair for snowboarding, Tom works as Brand Coordinator for Dragon Alliance and hails from Torquay, Australia – a coastal town known for its famous history in surfing. You’ll likely find Tom being a weekend warrior at the Victorian mountains or crossing his fingers the Trans-Tasman borders open back up!