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The Facts: Soho, Treble Cone and more!

As we approach our 40th anniversary in 2020, it's a perfect time to reflect on some of the people who made it all possible, and share with you some exciting news about where we're heading.

Oct. 07, 2019 By Nadia Ellis

Cardrona What's On: Cya later, Winter 2019!

It's finally here – the last weekend of the 2019 Cardrona winter! Let's see off this year's Southern Lakes ski season with a bang...

Oct. 18, 2019 By Jen Houltham

A Cardrona Proposal

When we got an email from John back in March, we hatched a plan together... and his lovely girlfriend Kali had absolutely no idea...

Aug. 21, 2019 By Danny Warley

Cardrona What's On: Last Week of School Holidays!

We're heading into the last week of the 2019 season – it's time to get those last turns in and join the celebration!

Oct. 11, 2019 By Jen Houltham

Cardrona What's On: Last Week of School Holidays!

It's been a big week of competition at the SSNZ Junior Nationals. This weekend we are looking forward to launching our Enviro Day on Saturday, and partying with Pengi on Sunday...

Oct. 04, 2019 By Tiggy Cameron

Cardrona What's On: A Wintry Blast!

We're in the middle of a wintry blast up here and we're about to kick off the 2019 Junior Freestyle Nationals!

Sep. 27, 2019 By Jen Houltham

The little things that all add up...

It's so important to us to look after our maunga and the environment in general. Read about what we're doing up at Cardrona now, and our goals for the future.

Sep. 26, 2019

Cardrona What's On: Tubing is Back!

It's officially back for 2019... tubing at Cardrona starts again tomorrow!!

Sep. 20, 2019 By Jen Houltham

NZ Spring Ski Week: September 14 - 22

For the first time ever, Kiwi ski areas have come together for one big week of spring shredding with epic deals... this is NZ Spring Ski Week 2019!

Sep. 13, 2019 By Jen Houltham

Cardrona What's On: Spring Ski Week and the JWI!

Tomorrow we're kicking off the first-ever NZ-wide Spring Ski Week, we've had some great turns today, and the Monster Energy Jossi Wells invitational finishes this weekend!

Sep. 13, 2019 By Jen Houltham

Cardrona's Best Freeride Spots

We asked NZ Freeride Team skier Manu Barnard for his favourite spots at Cardrona for big mountain riding – here's what he had to say!

Sep. 09, 2019 By Manu Barnard