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Bike Rental

Make your day riding the trails smooooth as – mountain bike rental for the Cardrona Bike Park is available on the mountain and in Wanaka!  

Book mountain bike rental in Wanaka or on the mountain!

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Finding the perfect mountain bike for a day riding Cardrona Bike Park is now a whole lot easier – we offer mountain bike rental on the mountain and in our Wanaka shop! We’ve got a range of mountain bike options and safety equipment for mountain bikers of nearly all ages and abilities. We have Trek downhill and all-mountain bikes,and Norco 24" full suspension bikes for kids aged 8yrs+.

Adult rental bikes are available in the following sizes based on rider height:

  • 158–168cm (small)
  • 168–178cm (medium)
  • 178–185cm (large)

Mountain bike rental at Cardrona also includes free full-face helmet and knee/elbow pad rental. As our on-mountain rental fleet is limited, we highly recommend pre-booking rental bikes by calling us or visiting our Wanaka town office.

Mountain Bike Rental 2019/20 Full Day Half Day
Bikes Downhill $115 $85
Full-Suspension $90 $60
Full-Suspension E-Bike (Wanaka only) $149 $99
Street E-Bike (Wanaka only) $99 $79
Kids/Youth Full-Suspension $90 $60
Kids Hard Tail (Wanaka only) $39 $29
Accessories Full Face Helmet $20 n/a

Pad Set

$20 n/a

Safety Pack



Goggles $15 n/a
Insurance (optional)   $15 n/a

Credit card details are taken along with a signed liability waiver when hiring a mountain bike.

Lift & rental

Child rates based on height from the size chart above

  1 Day 2 Day 3 Day Add Day
Adult Lift + Full Suspension $150 $275 $350 $115
Child Lift + Full Suspension $115 $225 $325 $105
Adult Lift + Downhill  $175 $325 $425 $140
Child Lift + Downhill $140 $275 $400 $130
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