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Park Crew

A lot of work goes behind building, shaping & maintaining the Southern Hemisphere's most extensive park & pipe facilities. Meet the crew behind it all. 

The North Face Cardrona Parks Crew work day & night to give you a variety of terrain park & pipe features for all levels of skiers & snowboarders. From a massive 85ft Big Air & 22ft Superpipe to ride-on boxes & entry-level freestyle features... they are dedicated to providing safe & progressive parks & pipes for you to enjoy. 

The Cardrona Parks Crew come from around the globe & have countless seasons of experience & knowledge. The Cardrona Parks crew includes builders that have constructed Big Air, Slopestyle & Halfpipe courses for some of the world's most elite events, including the Winter Olympics. 

Sponsored by The North Face & Dragon Alliance, the Cardrona Parks Crew are a talented & hard-working bunch that just want to see you progress & have fun lapping the parks & pipes. 

Cardrona Parks Crew 2016 Season Edit


Heath Richmond

Hometown: South Lake Tahoe, California
Experience: 15 seasons at Cardrona & in North America
Favourite feature: Jump line
Best thing about working in Cardrona Parks: Getting to work with the best crew around
Other hobbies: Climbing, mountain biking, surfing
Instagram: @heathrichmond


Kevin Fournier

Hometown: Auburn, New Hampshire
Experience: Keystone A51 & Cardrona
Favourite feature: Down Flat Rail
Best thing about working at Cardrona Parks: Hardest working, most dedicated crew!
Other hobbies: Motorcycles & hitting the tin
Instagram: @kfournier22


Jack Spence

Hometown: Wellington
Experience: 3.5 seasons at Cardrona
Favourite feature: Skinny DFD
Best thing about working in Cardrona Parks: Getting to put in features we think of ourselves
Other hobbies: Skating, table tennis
Instagram: @jackspencenz


Oscar Schaeffers

Hometown: Rotorua, NZ
Experience: Cardrona 2015 & 2016 / Hemavan, Sweden 2016
Favourite feature: Donkey
Best thing about working in Cardrona Parks: The crew & the standard
Other hobbies: Skateboarding, travel, reading
Instagram: @oscar.schaeffers


Juraj Opalek

Hometown: Trnava
Experience: Cardrona, Absolut Park Flachauwinkl, Nike Snowpark Montafon
Favourite feature: All of them
Best thing about working in Cardrona Parks: Dope as park & brownies in Base Café
Other hobbies: Wakeboarding, surfing, gardening

Kim Rawlinson

Hometown: Taupo 
Experience: Cardrona, Snow Park NZ, Boreal/Woodward Tahoe, Snow Valley
Fav feature: Standard down bar
Best thing about working at Cardrona: The team
Other hobbies: Bogan stuff
Instagram: @kimrawlinson


Ross Juretich

Hometown: Auckland
Experience: 3 seasons at Cardrona, 1 season at Vans Penken Park, Austria & 1 season at Myrkdalen Resort, Norway
Favourite feature: Jumps, channel steel
Best thing about working in Cardrona Parks: The people I get to work with & snowboarding every day
Other hobbies: Skateboarding, rugby, hockey, travel
Instagram: @rossjuretich

In loving memory of Tom Campbell
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